App Design

Spot The Bin

Spot The Bin is an interactive game that teaches you about the city of Edinburgh. This game is to be played using your android smartphone to compete against others in the city. The goal of this game is both to learn and visit the location of parks, libraries, community centers, neighborhood offices and much more.

App & Game Design

Edinburgh City Council Prize Winner

Spot The Bin is a capture the flag style game that can be played by yourself or against other players. The goal of the game is to check in or capture each location on the map. As you capture all of these individual locations, you will be blazing a trail. This trail is the key to the game, you want to break your competitors trails while keeping yours protected. If your trail is broken by a competitor, you will lose all your capture points beyond the break. The only way to lose the game, is to be completely encircled by your opponents. Once encircled, you cannot claim any new locations and have lost.