Web Design

Jelly Belly

BeanBoozled was the latest new product from Jelly Belly. A pack of beans containing nice flavors and gross flavors, with an identical bean. To promote the launch of this new product, we were to build a digital promotion utilizing Instagram.

Promotion Website &  Logo

I designed a promotion specific logo and website for "The Faces of BeanBoozled Contest". The website was built for the 3 different promotion phases: Pre-Promotion, Promotion and Post-Promotion. It was also optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Storyboards & Tv spot

A TV spot of 30 and 15 seconds was also shot to coincide with the launch of the contest. I worked on the storyboards during pre-production and animatics after the shoot to provide art direction to the CG studio putting final touches on the spot's motion graphics.