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Here are a few different concepts that were left on the cutting room floor.

Including: Two different campaigns for Allegiant. An art Installation for Aristocrat’s The Walking Dead slot machine. Two different holiday print advertisements for Jelly Belly. The evolution of the CCC #Coastie campaign.

Jelly Belly Holiday Print Ads

With over 52 flavors, Jelly Belly is right for every occasion including the holidays! Using the Pumpkin Pie and Cranberry Bean flavors as inspiration, I created two print ads that capture the feeling of biting into one of those beans. 
(Art created by Famous Frames)

Aristocrat Art Installation

Aristocrat Gaming needed a big attention grabbing art installation to introduce their latest slot machine for “The Walking Dead.” Knowing this installation was to be place in the Cosmopolitan, I used their Iconic Red Shoes as inspiration and hoped to incorporate them into my installation design.  
(Art created by Famous Frames)

California Coastal Commission Campaign evolution

In addition to the “#Coastie” campaign, we also took a more artistic approach to draw attention to the “Check The Coast" hand gesture. Overlaying an iconic California beach shot onto the hand. It all started with a small sketch.

Allegiant Concepts

A Change of Scenery

A campaign that captures the locations Allegiant flies too and the mood of travelers in January. With flights out of the middle of the country to locations such as Florida and California it’s the perfect time to hop on a flight. Why ski when you can go water skiing? Why build Snowmen when you can build sand Castles? Why get frost bite when you can get sun burn?

Snowmen or Sand Castles?

Skiing or Water Skiing?

Frost Bitten or Sun Burned

Allegiant Will Find It For You

A campaign that will express how cheap and easy it is to fly with Allegiant. You no longer need to hunt for, get burned by or gamble with your airfare. Instead you can spend your time finding nature, the beach and a winning hand with Allegiant.

Don't Hunt For Your Airfare

Don't Gamble With Your Airfare

Don't Get Burned By Your Airfare